Dancing isn’t just about perfecting steps to the beat of music; it’s about combining the physical activity, the social interaction, and the mental stimulation into a joyous, fun activity. Dancing is not only good for the soul, but it also has the ability enhance your life in a variety of ways.


Did you know that Olympic athletes use dancing as a form of training to build their endurance and strength? Although it is a low-impact aerobic activity, when you dance, you are engaging your cardiovascular system, improving your muscle tone, and burning calories. While having fun, you increase your flexibility and balance as well.


When you learn to dance, no matter how good you are, you may find that you are more comfortable in life situations that don’t involve dancing. Learning how to dance helps people of all ages to carry themselves in a certain way and, in turn, gives them to have a new outlook on life. Build your self-confidence as well as your creativity, motivation, and energy.


Dancing is a great way to release your emotions; using it as an outlet, you can express your feelings through movement in whatever style you would like. Dancing can improve your ability to express yourself in other aspects of your life as well.


Dancing is an amazing way to meet others who are interested in the same things as you. Interacting in a low-pressure environment, you can choose to practice in a variety of different styles and events. From national competitions to romantic, intimate classes, the choice is yours!


It can be hard to take time out of your busy schedule for yourself. Dancing is a great way to relax and escape from your daily stress and worry; change up your routine and take time for you!


Think that dance is too childish? Think again! Dancing can add a new excitement to your life, and give you the artistic, pleasurable, rewarding experience that you have been searching for.

Private Lessons

Private lessons allow you, and your professional dance instructor, to concentrate on you and your dance moves. With private lessons, there is no wasted time waiting for others. Use your valuable time well with private dance lessons. Whether you are taking lessons for your upcoming wedding or have decided to pursue competitive dancing, SIVS offers the class for you.