Start Your Marriage on the Right Foot with the Wedding Dance of Your Dreams

Whether you’ve dreamed about your wedding day your whole life or you consider yourself too practical for such things, you can still want your wedding dance to be a fairy tale moment that will be a happy memory to last you a lifetime. Performing a choreographed and practiced dance as your first dance will give your wedding an aspect that will make it shine in the moment and in your memory.

We offer private dance lessons to give you the moves and the confidence to step out into the spotlight with the love of your life.

Wedding Planning

If you are planning your wedding, you know that you have to keep a timeline and arrange certain things at certain points as your big day approaches. This rule goes for your wedding dance too. After an initial consultation, our professional dance instructor will let you know how many lessons you will likely need to reach the level of dance you want. With this information, you can plan your dance lessons to give you the most benefit for the time available.

Dance Planning

You and your dance instructor will plan your wedding dance. Our highly experienced dance instructors can also customize the dance for you and your partner. Having a professionally choreographed dance to call your own is a wonderful, symbolic way to begin a life of cooperation and intimacy. Make your dance your own! Are you a serious and sophisticated couple, a hip, fun-loving pair, or a bit of both? Your private dance lessons can give your the skills to dance the dance you want to embody your partnership.

A Note For Men

We know that many men consider wedding planning and dancing to be the realm of women, but they shouldn’t be. This is your day too, and what better way to show your partner that you are committed to working together in your marriage than to start it by collaborating with the planning of the wedding, and committing to practicing your special first dance.

Dance Styles

We offer lessons in many types of dance. If you love the lively East Coast Swing or Salsa, or the graceful, smooth movements of the Viennese Waltz, our instructors can teach you. You will look amazing on video, in photos and in the moment. You can continue lessons after the wedding too! You can have the wedding dance of your dreams with the help of SIVA Dance. Contact us today to get started!